Compounding for Pets and Animals

Your pets are special. Why not give them customized care?

Pets many times need the same medications as humans to treat diseases.  Often the commercially made medications may not be the correct dosage or not a dosage form that would be easy for the owner and the pet.  Working with veterinarians we can create a medication that is the correct dosage and easy to give.

Steve Jensen is passionate about treating animals of all sizes and shapes; he has completed 24 hours of continuing education to be awarded a Veterinarian Compounding Specialist by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

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Common Dosage Forms Are:

  • Oil Suspensions: can be flavored with pet favorites like chicken and beef.
  • Treats: cats and dogs alike will love a chewable flavored treat
  • Transdermal: Many medications can be compounded with a gel base that allows the drug to push past the skin into the bloodstream. Most often applied to the ear flap this can alleviate the stress for the pet and the owner when giving meds by mouth is difficult
  • Topicals: Sometimes when we want to avoid systemic antibiotics, we can create a compound to treat wounds in a gel that does not mat fur! It is not unusual for the pet to lick the wounded area which can impede proper healing.  We have several non-harmful ingredients that can be added which will deter the pet from wanting to lick in the affected area

We Love a Challenge:

We specialize in helping veterinarians in hard to treat cases.  We have helped many pets where standard treatments have failed.

  • We helped a cat that was licking its tail to the point of hair loss.  He was tried on antihistamines and even psychological meds like fluoxetine (Prozac) for over a year without changing the behavior.  We created a bitter gel that was applied to the tail just once and the cat was done with his obsessive licking.
  • A dog had a chronic infection in his lip-fold pocket that took frequent oral antibiotics to keep in check.  We compounded a liquid gel that contained an antibiotic and anti-fungal that was applied for a few days at a time and kept the infection controlled for weeks.  Happy owner Happy pet.
  • A dog needed frequent pain medications for arthritis.  He stopped taking tablets easily and the oral suspension is very bitter.  We compounded a transdermal tramadol gel that was applied to the ear flap and made medication dosing so easy.
We know that pet ownership can be expensive.  In many instances we can do multiple months for a discounted price.  Ask if your pets medication applies!

Our Pet Patients Gallery:

We are happy to our vet told us about you.  My dog Java (11 year old yorkie) takes his medicine a lot better since you have been compounding and flavoring it for him! Thank you!
Melissa Ringlein

Thank you, Jensen Pharmacy, for the great compounding of my cat’s prescription meds.  Now that she is getting her thyroid medicine she is like a kitten again – playing and tearing around the house – and no fighting to apply it.  We’ve tried pills in the past, and have never been successful with it.  Thank you for the wonderful service and help for all members of my family.

Dear Steve,
Here is a picture of our 13-year-old Beagle, Marcus, who gets his ursodiol compounded by your wonderful pharmacy.
We got Marcus in 2006 from the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Moira Tannenbaum

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