Diabetic Footware

People that have diabetes are at risk for many foot complications including diabetic ulcers.

One of the prime causes of these issues is ill-fitting footwear.  We measure and fit you at the pharmacy based on any special needs.  The shoes we utilize all come in extra depth, several widths and different materials to ensure the shoes you receive will be the best fit possible.

We participate in Medicare Part B, Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial and Medicare Plans.

If you are diabetic with any of the following conditions you may be eligible for 1 pair of shoes and inserts each year:

  • Poor circulation
  • Foot Deformity (ie Hammer toes, bunions)
  • Peripheral neuropathy with callus formation
  • History of pre-ulcerative callus
  • History of previous foot ulceration
  • History of partial or complete amputation of the foot

Even if you do not have diabetes, anyone can benefit from a properly fitted pair of shoes.  Just ask us what we can do for you.



We currently work with Dr Comfort and Anodyne shoes.  Both have extensive catalogs that will allow you to get the right look and right fit.

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