Low Cost Viagra / Cialis Alternatives

Sildenafil/ Tadalafil

We have cost effective solutions for erectile dysfunction

The price of the little blue pill can make you see red

Sildenafil is the same active ingredient that is in Viagra at a much lower cost

Sildenafil 20mg tablet. $1.75 per tablet. Allows for flexibility of dosage with cutting tablets multiple times – Commercially Available

Sildenafil 45mg or 90mg Capsule. No dye, cellulose only inactive. – Compounded – $8 per cap vs. $25-30 per Sildenafil 100mg Tab


Do you prefer Cialis?

We can now compound a dissolving tablet of Tadalafil

15mg Disolving Tablet: A convenient dosage form without Dyes and fillers. A mild mint flavor. $10 per tab vs. $67 for Cialis(R)


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