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Get all of your rx’s in a single visit to the pharmacy each month.
Jensen’s Community Pharmacy in Saline Michigan is a locally owned and operated pharmacy. Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of every patient that comes through our doors. We strive to achieve this goal through our services, programs and dedication.

We Now Offer:

  • Medication synchronization program to improve adherence to medications
  • Ability to pick up medications on the same day each month.
  • Always available to answer questions
  • Prescription medication counseling
  • Over the counter medication consultations.
  • Full service pharmacy that dispenses both traditional medications and compounded prescriptions.

Low Cost alternative to Viagra

We now have sildenafil the low cost alternative to Viagra.

Now offering the Dispill Packing system. 

The pharmacy organizes your medication based on date and time of administration for the month.  You won’t have to fill your on pill box ever again! Read More


Flu Shots - Immunizations


Pain Management

Compounded Prescriptions can provide pain relief

Diabetic Footwear

Dr Comfort shoes to deliver the highest quality diabetic footwear on the market.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We use bioidentical estogens and testosterones synthesized from soy or yams.

Durable Medical Equipment

We are a Medicare Accredited facility for durable medical equipment.

Animal and Pet Care

Compounded Prescriptions for Animal and Pet Care

We now offer a full line of CBD Oil Products:

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